Stoica Alin-violin maker

 He was born in 1968 in Reghin, in a small town from the heart of Transylvania, a town with a long tradition in the manufacture of bowed  string instruments. He graduated from a school specialized in wood manufacture, violin making profile, this being his first step in the discoverying of the violin making secrets.

After graduation in 1987 , he got a job at the local musical instruents factory, which was founded in 1951 by master Roman Boianciuc, and where he acquired his skills under the guidance of older violin makers.

In 1995 he set the basies of a small workshop where bowed string instruments such as violins, cellos, vioolas are made and restored. In his 25 years of constant activity focused on his customers, his main objective has been to perfect himself in order to make instruments of the highest quality. He has participated in fairs and exhibitions and he has been in contact with other violin makers, both from the country and abroad, to keep himself informed about the latest discoveries on the bowed string instruments market.

For a good collaboration with the customers, custommade musical instrments are made in the workshop to meet the requirements of the customers(sizes, colours, etc).

The manufacture of bowed strig instruments is done after classical models, in the spirit of the great violin makers work.